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Biblical Cryptozoology

You will not discover references within the Bible to the Yeti, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, the Loch Ness Monster, the Cyclopes, or different related beasties that curiosity wildlife biologists within the hunt for unverified, however potential examples of terrestrial wildlife. Nonetheless, that does not imply that the Bible does not comprise descriptions of a complete host of unfamiliar beings – the province of contemporary cryptozoology. Taking in flip the realm of the air, the land and the ocean, what do we discover? https://zoomiescanada.com/

Be aware: All references beneath seek advice from the King James Model of the Bible.


*Cherubim: Of all of the extraordinary creatures that seem between Genesis and Revelation, Ezekiel takes first prize for probably the most extraordinary of all. Ezekiel, assuming right here he hadn’t consumed an excessive amount of fermented grape juice, witnessed a whirlwind, an amazing cloud, full of fireplace with a lot brightness and general the color of amber, when as he places all of it got here to move within the thirtieth 12 months, within the fourth month, within the fifth day of the month. Okay, perhaps it is a volcanic eruption (or maybe a descending spaceship)! Effectively, apparently it isn’t volcanic in origin for it then involves move that there have been 4 creatures related to this phenomenon which Ezekiel in the end identifies as a Cherub (Ezekiel 9:3) or Cherubim (Ezekiel 10:).

Ezekiel additionally says that these 4 residing creatures (or maybe crew members) “had the likeness of a person” (i.e. they have been humanoid however not human). And every of those creatures had 4 faces and 4 wings. The 4 faces have been akin to these of a person, an ox, an eagle and a lion. And these creatures glowed. On second thought, perhaps Ezekiel had consumed a bit an excessive amount of grape juice! Nonetheless, to be honest to the person, in case you’ve by no means had a detailed encounter earlier than and no idea of ET, then you may solely interpret and describe what you see in phrases you might be acquainted with, like an eagle or lion or one thing that is akin to a person however not a person.

Anyway, Ezekiel additionally describes the glowing craft or car related to this quartet, which in historic astronaut literature is famous because the ‘Wheel of Ezekiel’, a Biblical UFO encounter. Then he hears a voice, which in his confused state assumes should be a deity, in truth The Deity (effectively, that is comprehensible – again then I most likely would have assumed the identical not being acquainted with historic astronaut and UFO lore and the entire idea of life on different planets). In an identical approach to his description of aliens in acquainted phrases (considerably like a person), Ezekiel might clarify in the one method potential the message he was given as a ‘message from God’. The messengers actually weren’t his subsequent door neighbours holding a dialog with him!

It could seem that the creatures who posed because the Lord or who Ezekiel misinterpreted because the Lord departed round or about Ezekiel 3:2-14. Thus Ezekiel concluded his ‘first contact’, a detailed encounter of the third sort.

Nonetheless, there was a second coming, a repeat efficiency round Ezekiel 8:1 when it got here to move for Ezekiel within the sixth 12 months, within the sixth month, within the fifth day of the month. Once more you get descriptions of these 4 faces, barely altered as this time spherical because the 4 faces have been akin to a cherub, man, lion and eagle (Ezekiel 10:14) – the ox had gone, so perhaps these weren’t the very same aliens. However you continue to get the expertise of the wheels and the clouds and the brightness and the fireplace and the lifting up and departure, and so ‘second contact’ ended by the conclusion of Ezekiel 10.

One thing appears amiss at first look nevertheless as first contact was within the “thirtieth 12 months” however second contact was within the “sixth 12 months”. I collect the thirtieth 12 months was his 30th 12 months in captivity down by the river at Chebar, whereas his sixth 12 months was his sixth 12 months again at dwelling following. At a minimal which means at the very least six years between first and second contact, not that that has any nice significance.

There may be nevertheless another follow-up to those four-faced creatures. Revelation, like Ezekiel, is dominated to a virtually extreme diploma with 4 residing creatures. Revelation 4:7 relates one other 4 creatures, all with now acquainted faces – lion, calf, man and flying eagle. However within the time elapsed since Ezekiel’s day (a time that hasn’t really arrived but apparently), these aliens had sprouted a further pair of wings, for a grand complete of six wings as associated within the following verse, Revelation 4:8. Possibly these creatures have differing variety of wings resulting from age (they develop extra wings as they get older), or intercourse (females have 4 wings; males six wings or vice versa) as one thing half and parcel inside their very own pure choice and evolution.

These six-winged beasties are most likely the Seraphim as associated in Isaiah 6:2 and 6:6. They wish to cry out “holy, holy, holy” (their catchcry), precisely the identical phrase you get uttered in Revelation 4:8. They, the 4 beasts with the six wings, have been additionally blessed with a myriad of eyes (as in far more than two) on all sides. A lot of eyes might be present in Greek mythology too. Argus was a 100-eyed big, in the end slain by Hermes who introduced the corpse to Hera (Mrs. Zeus) who integrated the eyes of Argus into her iconic image – the peacock.

In any occasion, four-winged ‘spirits’ have been generally depicted in historic Mesopotamia so there’s nothing distinctive about Ezekiel’s neural community and visions and so maybe Ezekiel wasn’t hitting the bottle in spite of everything.