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Finding a Reliable CD, DVD, Blu-Ray or USB Duplication Service Online

Media Duplication – Don’t compromise on quality

As with any industry, there are great and not so great companies out there offering duplication services and you may need a little advice and assistance in finding the right one for your requirements. Firstly, should you only require 50 copies you don’t want to be compromising on print quality and equally if you need 100,000 copies you’ll be looking for a fast, reliable and affordable service with a consistent, high quality print. The following is a little advice on how to assess your chosen duplication service provider to be sure you’re dealing with a trusted, experienced company.

First Impressions and Feedback

Your first experience with the CD, DVD, Blu-ray DVD or USB duplication service provider, when searching on-line, will of course be their website. Does it look professional and have clear, high quality product visuals? Is the information you need, easy to access? The website should provide you with some background with regards to the company. Ideally, they would be a long established business with many years of experience within the industry. A client feedback section would also be useful so that you can gauge other peoples experiences of using the company and also find out what sort of individuals or businesses use their services.

Professional Media Duplication Companies will offer:

On-line Media Duplication Quote Request – Most companies will have the facility on their websites for you to get a quote for your project whether by return email or an on-line price calculator. The speed and quality of response here will give you a good indication of how keen the company is to obtain your business and the standard of communication you can expect from them.

Competitive Pricing – You will, at this stage, be very much aware that the cheapest supplier is not always the best supplier. You need to take into consideration all the aspects of a job including potential charges for creation of a master disc from files provided, creation of artwork for your disc and packaging and also any postage charges. A reputable company will ensure you know exactly how much you are paying and what you will get for that cost. cd duplication services

Assistance and Advice – If your chosen service provider has provided you with a competitive quote, your next requirement may be to give the company a call for advice with regards to the next step in getting your CD, DVD, Blu-ray DVD or USB duplicated. A reputable company will have experienced professionals answering the phone who you can discuss your requirements with directly. If you have specific technical questions they should know who to transfer you to if necessary and if someone needs to call you back, it should be done promptly. No-one likes to be kept waiting, especially when the duplication part of the project is usually near the end of a long and arduous journey to get the master disc prepared.

Despatching your master disc for duplication or getting one created

Ideally you will have more than one copy of your master disc as the postal service is not 100% reliable. Your chosen service provider will let you know the department and address that you need to send your master to, or if you are uploading files to an ftp server or emailing them, they will let you know the details of how that’s done. A reputable company will suggest that a hard copy of the master is sent to you for approval if you have asked them to create one from emailed or ftp’d files, it all depends on your lead-time requirement.

Don’t leave it until the last minute – Although a good duplication company will be able to turn your job around very quickly, it is much better for all concerned if you give yourself and your chosen service provider some breathing space with regards to lead-time. A company with a reputation for quality to uphold will be very appreciative of a client who gives them a little time to ensure that they can provide the best possible service.

Artwork “Wet Proofs” and Mastered Proofs

Where quality is critical for a project and you need assurance that your job will look exactly as you envisioned it when completed, a good service provider will happily send you a “wet proof” of your disc print, packaging print or a master disc if they have created one for you from files forwarded to them. There may be a small charge for these services which you will be advised of before-hand, but where screens have been created for the disc artwork and everything is satisfactory with the resulting print, there should be a complete or partial refund of this cost against the final job as the screens are already available.

Lead-times – A good CD duplication, DVD duplication, Blu-ray DVD duplication and USB duplication service provider will be able to offer you quick turn around times for a job as their internal systems will be very efficient. A company with a good job scheduling system will be able to give you a straight answer with regards to delivery time provided that you supply a specific, detailed job requirement.

Duplication Service Guarantees

Is your chosen service provider’s offering backed up by any sort of guarantee of accreditation? This should be clearly advertised on their website. A quality accreditation such as ISO:9001 demonstrates a commitment to providing customers with a top quality service as they can be very difficult and expensive for a company to obtain. The chances of a reputable company delivering a sub-standard job or making an error with a job are very small but, if this should happen, then a good company will pull out their emergency procedures and put any error right very quickly and will communicate efficiently with you until you are satisfied with the result.

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